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4 Important Things to Do During the Interview

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Continuing our look at the job interview, we turn our attention to the actual interview itself and four things you need to do during the interview. Once again, our list was inspired and paraphrased from an article on the American College of Physicians website by Cynthia Smith, MD, FACP, director of clinical program development.

1. Stay focused.

Remember that first interview you had? Maybe it was at a fast-food restaurant, and it probably lasted all of 15 minutes.

As other medical professionals can tell you and as you may have even experienced yourself, interviewing for a position with a practice or a hospital usually takes up more time than interviews with other jobs.

If your mind likes to drift and your brain likes to daydream, then beware. You’re going to have to work to stay focused. Especially when it comes to those interview questions.

2. To that end, focus on the question that is being asked and don’t digress.

In Smith’s words: “When asked a question, despite the fact you have previously thought out answers to common questions, answer what is asked without digressing into areas unrelated to the question.”

In other words: Don’t emulate certain public figures who never seem to answer the question that has been asked. You are a physician. You are an advanced practitioner. You need to be direct. You need to be clear.

3. Don’t talk too much. Don’t monopolize the conversation. Be concise and coherent.

“If you think you are talking too much, you probably are,” Smith writes.

4. Before the interview is over, ask your potential employer if there is anyone else you should meet at the hospital or in the practice.

Smith even goes so far as to advise that you “make sure you have met all members of the practice. If you have not, insist, politely but firmly, that you need to meet with the remaining members at some time in the near future. Be polite and professional with all of the practice staff and ask if any of them might be interested in meeting with you.”

As physicians and advanced practitioners who are looking for jobs, what are some other things to do during the interview that will make you a more effective candidate? How do you yourself avoid the pitfalls listed above?

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