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4 of the Hardest Interview Questions You’ll Have to Answer

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Continuing our look at common interview questions, courtesy of Chase Johnson over at CompHealth, our next four comprise some of the hardest questions you’ll have to answer in a job interview.

1. “How do you react under pressure?”

The reasons for asking this question are probably obvious, but you should have an example prepared that adequately highlights “your ability to rise to the occasion when it is necessary,” Johnson writes.

But more than an example, be prepared to explain your approach to tense, life-threatening situations, how you process them, and how you handle your team during pressure-packed moments.

2. “Describe your experience and skills.”

If you’ve attended a prestigious institution, you basically have a ready-made answer, Johnson writes. “Most employers are going to be impressed by institutions with names that they recognize.”

But what if you didn’t attend an instantly recognizable school? This is your chance to reveal more about how you think and your approach to your career, especially since many medical students spend a great deal of time contemplating which institution is right for them.

Explain what attracted you to that school, why you settled on it, and how your career has benefited from the education you received there.

3. “What are your goals and objectives?”

With these questions, the interviewer is handing you opportunity after opportunity to promote yourself.

Johnson is quick to point out, however, that you should “[t]hink of this question in terms of what the interviewer wants to hear. Try to phrase your goals and objectives to be in alignment with the position for which you are interviewing.

We would add that this is where your research into the institution and knowledge of it could benefit you. So, be strategic in how you answer this question.

Johnson provides a good starting point: “I want to build a solid practice, provide consistent quality care for my patients, and be part of the team.”

4. “What kind of salary are you looking for?”

You had to know the subject of money would come up at some point, didn’t you? With this question, you are most definitely walking a tightrope without a net below.

Writes Johnson: “If you say a number that is too high for the hospital, you might be taking yourself out of the race. If you give them a number that is low, you are either leaving money on the table or you are giving the interviewer the impression that you are worth less than the next candidate.”

Johnson suggests you develop an answer along these lines: “I am looking for at least a competitive salary; I definitely want to receive compensation equal to the effort put forth.”

As physicians looking for jobs, how would you answer these tough questions? What about yourself would you want to communicate to an interviewer with your answers?

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