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Curriculum Vitae Tips: Audience...Who's Reading Your CV?

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The first factor a you need to consider when creating a Curriculum Vitae; is the CV's audience: Who is going to be reading the CV? If other physicians are looking at your CV, they may be interested in learning about research and publications to gauge interests. Academic institutions will also have an interest in learning about research and publications because research and potential grants may interest them. However, most recruiters and non-academic institutions are really only interested in a physician's work history, training, education, certifications and career objectives.

The simplest way to cover a broad base of audiences is to create two CVs: a primary CV, and a detailed CV. The primary CV should fit onto one page and note that, "Research, publications, and references are available upon request." The purpose of the primary CV is to give the reader a brief overview of your background and history. A primary CV is the perfect format to be given to someone interviewing physicians, because it can be read and processed by the reader quickly. It also opens the door for you to elaborate on the details of your background during the interview. The detailed CV should be comprehensive, and should answer any questions that the concise CV leaves out. Once a you have both CVs, you will then be able to submit them at the same time and allow the reader to choose the format that meets his/her needs.

Most physicians never consider what recruiters might do with their CVs once they receive them. For example, if a CV is a Microsoft Word Document, recruiters can hit the "undo" button several times to trace the physician's most recent changes. Recruiters can track a physician's omissions from the CV in this way.

There are also instances where recruiters will delete, edit or even make comments on a physician's CV. For this reason, we recommend that you format their CVs in a PDF format. This will prevent changes from being made, and contain only the information that you would like to appear on your CV.

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