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Curriculum Vitae Tips: Objective and Timelines

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Many physicians miss out on great practice opportunities simply because of the format of their CV. There are several important factors to consider when looking at your CV, but let's focus on the importance of the objective and timeline.


You should avoid stating an objective on a CV unless that objective is concrete and non-negotiable. For example, if an Internist states on the CV that he/she would like to find an outpatient only practice, he/she will most likely be removed from consideration for any practices that require inpatient work. If he/she is unwilling to consider practices with an inpatient component, then the objective may help to narrow down his/her search options. However, if the desire for an outpatient practice is more of a preference than a requirement, then stating this objective on your CV will probably preclude you from consideration for other opportunities. Therefore, it is not recommended to include an objective in the CV at all.


The first thing that most recruiters look for when reviewing a Physician's CV is time gaps in a physician's employment history or training. Some physicians choose to omit specific spans of time within their past because they might have had some background or malpractice issues. Unexplained time gaps alone could remove a physician from consideration for an opportunity, because the recruiter may assume that the physician is hiding something. It is a best practice for you to document gaps of employment on your CVs for this reason. It is also important to include the starting and ending month/year for all of your education, training and work history. Not including dates at all, or only including the year, could be seen as a red flag and exclude the physician from consideration.

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