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Did You Make These Mistakes on Your Resume?

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Take a second and pull out your resume, physicians and advanced practitioners. Glance through it as I break down the following list of common mistakes medical professionals make on their resumes, courtesy of Michelle Wong over at HEALTHeCAREERS.com , and double-check to ensure you haven’t made the same mistakes.

First, you’ve listed the incorrect job position.

Believe or not, this is thing. People will apply for a job, but list the wrong job title at the top, Wong writes. This could betray a one-size-fits-all approach to applying for a job in which you send out the same resume to everybody, instead of taking the time to personalize it.

Second, your resume is a jumbled mess.

Wong writes: “A resume should be succinct, clear, and logical. Like a human skeleton, a resume should be able to support itself. Avoid your resume from being disjointed by making sure that your work history is in chronological order and that the most important information is at the top of your resume. If your resume has work history dates shuffled rather than in reverse chronological order, the employer may feel that you are unorganized.”

Third, your resume is overly detailed and difficult to read.

Think 10 to 20 seconds. That’s all the time an employer will take to look at your resume. So, when formatting it, “[r]emember to think like a busy employer and to respect the employer’s time. Keep in mind that he or she is taking time away from their busy schedules to review your resume. If your resume lacks readability, he or she may not be able to digest what you are trying to convey and give up on reading your resume altogether. To avoid this, make sure your resume is easy to read. Create distinct categories and avoid blending in your job duties with your accomplishments.”

Fourth, you’re trying to put on a stage show with your presentation.

We live in a day and age when the ability to cobble together impressive graphical productions is a few clicks away. But your resume isn’t your Facebook page or a YouTube video. Drop the logos and scratch the pictures, especially since a photo will reveal “your race, gender, and even your weight to the employer almost immediately. Although employers are supposed to be ‘equal opportunity employers,’ like most of us, they can discriminate, too.”

Fifth, you lie, exaggerate, and prevaricate.

Hey! This is a thing, too!

But does this fifth point need any exposition other than, “Don’t do it”? Honesty, especially when applying for a job, is indeed the best policy.

As physicians and advanced practitioners looking for jobs, what are some resume tips you would offer? Have you ever made one of the above mistakes? Do you agree resume mistakes affect your chances at getting a job?

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