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FYI: The 10 Best-Paying Physician Jobs

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From Kathryn Dill over at Forbes comes the following list:

The 10 Best-Paying Jobs For Doctors

1. Neurosurgery Average: $591,000

2. Urology Average: $504,000

3. Orthopedic Surgery Average: $488,000

4. Cardiology (Invasive) Average: $454,000 (Tied with Gastroenterology)

4. Gastroenterology Average: $454,000 (Tied with Cardiology – Invasive)

6. Cardiology (Non-Invasive) Average: $442,000

7. Hematology/Oncology Average: $377,000

8. Otolaryngology Average: $372,000

9. Pulmonology Average: $358,000

10. General Surgery Average: $354,000

The above list was based on research conducted by a nationally known medical search and consulting firm under the AMN Healthcare banner. According to Dill, the firm “reviewed internal data to determine the 20 most-requested medical specialties between April 1, 2013, and March 31, 2014. The compensation information listed…reflects starting salaries, as opposed to total annual compensation figures that might include bonuses or benefits. As such, the list provides a picture of the incentives offered to medical professionals during the recruiting process.”

One of the researchers made the following observation: “These numbers are an absolute reflection of demand. We’re saying, ‘I couldn’t possibly know what you made or if you worked hard that year—this is what hospitals have to do to replace you.’ It’s a very pure reflection of the market need.”

The report reaches the following conclusion: “Though the healthcare system is evolving, and the role of other clinicians is growing, physicians remain the ‘quarterbacks’ of the healthcare delivery team and are at the center of the healthcare system. Through patient consultations, hospital admissions, treatment plans, prescriptions, tests, and procedures, physicians control the levers to both quality of care and healthcare economics.”

As physicians looking for jobs, any thoughts or observations on the above list? What does it tell you specifically about the physician job market?

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