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Here are 2 Templates That Will Make Your Physician Résumé More Powerful

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Job-seeking physicians like yourself may have a list of things they’ve accomplished, but the challenge is: How do you use your résumé to frame those accomplishments in a way that will grab a potential employer’s eye?

Francine R. Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE, of the Physician Coaching Institute in Bellevue, Wash., believes you need to use powerful words or “action verbs and phrases to powerfully frame” those accomplishments. There’s a great deal of literature on this, she notes, along with lists of action words that can spice up your résumé.

She also proposes using the “Challenge-Accomplishment-Result” template “in crafting your phrases.”

In other words, you frame your achievements in three parts, like this:

1. Faced with (Challenge),

2. [I] (Powerful past tense verb),

3. Resulting in (Measurable result).

Dr. Gaillour then gives three examples of how other physicians have used this template. Her first example wrote: “Challenged with a 50 percent rejection rate of clinical-trial results due to data-entry error, spearheaded the company’s Data Process Improvement initiative, resulting in 70 percent improvement in data quality in the first six months.”

Another doctor wrote: “Faced with a three-week-long nursing strike and strained nursing-hospital relations, drove the accreditation process through on-time completion and three-year certification.”

Finally, her third example wrote: “In the face of critical media coverage of patient safety, defused the hospital board’s anxiety with a series of community workshops and speeches, earning the Mayor’s Community Service Award.”

Alternatively, Dr. Gaillour offers the SMART way to frame your accomplishments, or:






Regardless, it’s important that you aren’t shy in showcasing your accomplishments as a medical professional. It may seem like bragging, but your goals and achievements are really evidence of your desire to uphold your oath as a physician and be the best provider patients can see.

And isn’t that the goal? To be the best provider out there? As with the actual care you’ll be providing, if you make your résumé about the patients and the team, then it won’t seem like it’s about your ego.

As physicians who are looking for jobs, how do you frame your accomplishments on your résumé? Do you use either of the templates above?

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