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Here are 27 Questions Physicians Should Ask Themselves about Their Career Accomplishments

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One of the challenges for physicians in writing their résumé revolves around selling their accomplishments to a potential employer in a unique and effective way. After all, you don’t want to sound like everyone else who is applying.

Francine R. Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE, of the Physician Coaching Institute in Bellevue, Wash., has written a terrific analysis on the components of “a powerful physician résumé,” and in her analysis, she gives an Accomplishment Checklist that’s designed “to help you think about your worthy experiences in terms of results achieved.”

She prefaces the list by saying that you must “think of your work as a series of accomplishments, rather than ‘job responsibilities’ or ‘skills.’”

Therefore, ask yourself if you’ve achieved any of the following in your current or past positions:

1. Have you saved your organization money?

2. Have you reduced unnecessary admissions?

3. Have you invented or developed a new product, procedure, or process?

4. Have you discovered something new?

5. Have you improved operational efficiency?

6. Have you reduced wait times?

7. Have you improved patient satisfaction (measurably)?

8. Have you improved provider or team morale (measurably)?

9. Have you driven a merger or acquisition?

10. Have you improved the NCQA rating?

11. Have you achieved increased productivity despite resource cutbacks?

12. Have you started the first ever of something?

13. Have you uncovered a quality catastrophe?

14. Have you averted a safety nightmare?

15. Have you improved patient safety (measurably)?

16. Have you improved market share?

17. Have you surpassed a competitor?

18. Have you launched a new product?

19. Have you identified a new market?

20. Have you improved sales revenue?

21. Have you improved the sales win/loss ratio?

22. Have you improved the medical loss ratio?

23. Have you decreased consumer complaints?

24. Have you improved provider compliance?

25. Have you improved quality indicators?

26. Have you delivered the keynote speech?

27. Have you been interviewed on television or some other form of media as an expert/for your accomplishments (e.g., Good Morning America, a daytime talk show)?

In our next post, we’ll look at the right words to use in framing these accomplishments.

As physicians who are looking for jobs, what are some of your proudest and most successful accomplishments? How have you incorporated these into your résumé and job interviews?

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