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Here are 6 Ways Physicians Can Add Balance to Their Day

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Work-life balance is a common phrase in the parlance of the 21st-century professional, but for physicians, this balance can be difficult to find, especially if they’re looking for a job.

Sue Jacques over at Physicians Practice has six suggestions for finding this balance.

They are:

1. Practice moderate multitasking.

Multitasking isn’t always a bad thing, she writes, nor is it always unproductive. “In lieu of doing double-duty with verboten tasks (like texting while driving), try mixing two productive activities together.”

2. Use lists.

One way in which a physician’s life can seem out-of-whack is if they’re trying to remember everything they have to do in a day’s time from memory. Jacques suggests making lists, no matter how routine that to-do list may be. “In addition to augmenting your memory, checking off a to-do list…helps you prioritize and customize your use of time.”

3. Try voice-activated recording software.

To speed up dictation and transcription, Jacques writes, explore the digital options available to you. By using voice-activated recording software, you’re creating “time by working…to proficiently capture your thoughts, observations, and examination notes.”

4. Form a relaxation and recreation partnership.

Do you like yoga? Do you like jogging? One way you can discover balance in your daily routine is by finding someone in your place of employment who possesses “similar fitness or spiritual interests” and “invite them to join you at that activity on a regular basis to break up your workday,” Jacques recommends.

5. Schedule mini-breaks.

This works especially well if you control your appointment calendar, she observes, enabling you to “make yourself a priority by blocking off two 15-minute breaks daily (in addition to a 30-minute nutrition break). Use that valuable time to meditate, hydrate, walk around the block, run up and down the stairs, or read material that is not medical or social-media driven.”

6. Have an agenda for every meeting.

If you go into meetings without a plan, Jacques writes, you’re wasting your time. “Not only does an agenda help attendees prepare in advance, an itemized program with time parameters is the only way to make sure all topics are fully discussed.”

As physicians who are looking for a job, how do you create free time for yourself? Which habits do you try to schedule throughout your day to give you a break from the taxing work of your profession? How well are you pacing your job search in order to prevent it from adding stress to your life?

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