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Physicians and APs: Did You Follow Up after the Job Interview?

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Wrapping up our look at the excellent article by Gail Garfinkel Weiss, MSW, over at Medscape, we turn our attention to how you should follow up after a job interview has been completed.

According to one recruiter, you should never leave the job interview without knowing which step comes next.

Here’s a suggestion on how you can approach this:

“As you're shaking the interviewer's hand, say, ‘It was very nice talking with you. I really appreciate you and the group taking the time to meet with me. May I call you in a week or two to see what the group thought? How would you like to proceed from here?”

Then, inquire as to whether or not they have all of the information on you that they will need to make a decision. Based on their answer, find out next “how and when this information should be supplied,” Garfinkel Weiss writes.

Now, here’s a vitally important step and one that almost seems foreign in today’s digital-based communication culture, but it’s rooted in the advice of an experienced recruiter.

“Send a handwritten note within a few days of the encounter to each interviewer and acknowledge something unique about your time with them… Reiterate your interest in the job and your decision timeline and indicate that you'd appreciate their feedback: How did you do? What fit and what did not? That exchange of information is not just a courtesy; it will benefit you as well as the organization.”

And here’s a sample note, courtesy of the article:

Dear Dr. —:

Thank you for the time you spent with me during my interview. You very clearly communicated your organization's culture of collegiality, and I was impressed with the energy your staff displayed.

I know that my previous experience with a care team model similar to the one you have developed will be a good fit.

Please call me if there are any additional questions about my candidacy. I will contact your office Wednesday afternoon to determine the next steps. As mentioned, my goal is to make my final decision before the holidays.

I look forward to talking with you further next week about the opportunity to join your team.

So, what’s important about all of the above? It shows initiative. It shows interest. It shows ambition. It shows engagement. And above all, it shows that you want the job.

All of which can go a long way in making sure you get the position you want.

As physicians and advanced practitioners who are looking for jobs, how do you convey to a potential employer that you want a position with their organization?

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