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Physicians: Ask Satisfied Patients to Review You Online

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Little by little, the Internet has changed all of us. We may not have noticed it, but if you’re old enough, think back to 1996, which is (for the record) only 20 years ago although it doesn’t feel like it.

Facebook wasn’t in the national vocabulary. Logging on the Internet was still a pain in the neck. No one had a smartphone. Cellphones existed, but they weren’t as common as they are now, and you certainly didn’t walk into a restaurant to see everyone huddled over their personal small screens. And most people only reviewed their physicians to their friends and acquaintances.

In 2016, we seem like The Jetsons and 1996 seems more like The Flintstones.

All of this change and technological evolution is why it’s imperative for you to evaluate what’s said about you online. Over the last few posts, we’ve looked at six ways in which you can monitor and manage your online reputation, courtesy of Karen Zupko over at Physicians Practice. The first way was to search for your name on all ratings sites; the second was to use automation to monitor what is said about you; the third is to complete your online profile(s) and correct errors in those profile(s); and the fourth is to self-assess your consultation and interpersonal skills with patients.

The fifth way you can manage your online reputation is to…

Ask satisfied patients to write reviews.

Don’t be shy about this. Just as you market yourself to a potential employer, you can rally your happiest patients to your cause.

In this regard, Zupko makes several good points: “Don't just hope that happy patients will dash off and give you a five-star review. Ask them to share their positive experience, and direct them to the specific sites on which you want them to post. To make this easy, create and personally hand the patient a small business card that says something like, ‘It's been an honor taking care of you! We'd appreciate you taking a few minutes to rate your experience with our practice at one of these websites.’ Then list your preferences.”

If you don’t like handing the cards to your patients directly, have one of the front-end staff members or a nurse do it, she adds.

In 2016, it’s more important than ever to be in charge of your own technological presence. It’s not 1996 anymore. None of this is a novelty or in the distant future. The Internet is the essence of our times. Enlist your current patients in using it to your advantage, especially as your job search moves forward and employers begin to Google your name.

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