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Physicians: What are They Saying about You Online?

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As physicians who are looking for jobs, it’s important that you know what people are saying about you online. Any of this, no matter how glowing or glaring, is fodder for the job interview, and make no mistake, most (if not all) employers are Googling your name.

In a previous post, we began our look at six ways you can monitor and manage your online reputation, courtesy of Karen Zupko over at Physicians Practice. The first way was to search for your name on all ratings sites.

The second way is…

Use automation to monitor what is said about you.

“Once you've taken a look at the ratings and reviews that already exist, keep abreast of new postings by using an automated tool such as Google Alerts (www.google.com/alerts),” Zupko advises. “Designate one staff person to monitor these so that negative reviews can be dealt with (more on that in a moment) and positive reviews can be turned into social media tidbits and testimonials.”

If you don’t have a staff per se, still keep track of the reviews in some way. Keep them in their proper perspective, of course, and don’t obsess over them to the expense of the quality of your work, but at least know what’s out there so you can be prepared to answer these reviews either in an interview or from colleagues and patients.

The third way is…

Complete your profile and correct errors.

According to Zupko, “A profile with the default gray silhouette as the photo, along with nothing more than your street address, makes you look old school. Complete all the profile fields on each rating site. Upload a professional photo, not the one with you and your dog on the beach. And if you are able to include a short description or bio, develop a standard paragraph that is friendly and upbeat.”

Furthermore, she continues, “[i]f you find incorrect data on a rating site, fix it. One young doctor was surprised when people he'd never treated began calling his cell phone. A rating site had included that number instead of the office number in his profile. He quickly corrected the mistake.”

As physicians who are looking for jobs, how do you manage your online reputation? How much time do you devote to tracking reviews and updating your profile(s)? Have things that have been written about you online been brought up in a job interview before?

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