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Survey Says Most Physicians Still Want to be Physicians

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“Long hours, never-ending regulations, non-compliant patients, and payer problems are just some of the issues awaiting physicians each day they report to work,” according to the 2014 Great American Physician Survey (sponsored by Kareo) from Physicians Practice. “However, physicians remain largely happy with their choice of profession.”

In fact, from the 1,311 physicians surveyed, 81.4 percent said they still liked being a physician, the article reports, while 78.5 percent said they are “fairly happy with my selection of a specialty.”

Sixty-seven percent did concede that they “used to enjoy being a physician much more, but today it is more stressful and less financially lucrative.”

The survey also asked them, upon reflection, if they would pick another career path, with 55.9 percent saying they would “do everything roughly the way I did it the first time,” while 21.3 percent said they would consider another profession. Sixteen point five percent said they would choose another specialty, and 6.3 percent said they would “choose some other career in healthcare as a nonphysician.”

When asked what their biggest frustration in being a physician was, 39.3 percent said there was “too much third-party interference.” Of the group surveyed, 14.2 percent said the stress was too much, 11.3 percent said compensation was too low, 10.7 percent cited the “declining ability to practice independently,” 7.4 percent said “it is simply not as personally/professionally rewarding as I thought it would be,” and 7.1 percent complained about the long hours.

Finally, when asked to give “the single-most important factor in my selection of a specialty,” 75.4 percent said they “found it clinically stimulating,” 6.6 percent said they “liked the hours,” and 2.8 percent were attracted to the income potential.

As physicians looking for jobs, we are interested in hearing your responses to this survey. Do you largely agree with what your colleagues said? With what do you disagree ?

Do you still like being a physician? Would you choose another career if you could go back? What is your greatest frustration as a physician? And finally, what was the most important reason why you chose your specialty?

Feel free to comment below or you can email me at pfernbaugh@alertservicescorp.com. Simply let me know in the email if I can use or reference your story or experiences in an upcoming post, anonymously or otherwise.

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