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Which Physicians Would Choose Their Specialty Again if Given the Chance?

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As we conclude our look at the 2015 Medscape Physician Compensation Report, we take a look now at which physicians would choose the same specialty again if given a chance.

As Carol Peckham reports over at the publication’s website, “Although only 55 percent of dermatologists said they would choose medicine again, if they did, about three quarters (73 percent) would choose their own specialty. In second place, about two thirds (67 percent) of orthopedists would choose their own specialty, although only half of them would be physicians again. And at the bottom of the list, only 25 percent of internists and 32 percent of family physicians would want to be primary-care doctors again, but both groups were within the top three of re-choosing medicine as a career.”

Here are how other specialties panned out:

Only 37 percent of nephrologists said they would choose their specialty again, followed by 40 percent of OB/GYNs and women’s health specialists and 41 percent of pulmonologists.

Forty-two percent of emergency-medicine specialists said they would choose their specialty again, while 44 percent of both rheumatologists and critical-care specialists said they would. Of the endocrinologists surveyed, 45 percent would go back into their specialty, with 47 percent of neurologists, 48 percent of hematologists, and 49 percent of anesthesiologists agreeing with their original career decision.

Split down the middle at 50 percent were general surgeons, psychiatrists and mental-health specialists, and infectious-disease specialists. Fifty-one percent of both oncologists and pediatricians approved of their specialty choice, while 52 percent of both pathologists and radiologists checked the affirmative box.

Of the allergists and immunologists surveyed, 53 percent were still in love or at least in like with their specialty, as were 54 percent of urologists and 55 percent of gastroenterologists.

Tied for 56 percent, both plastic surgeons and ophthalmologists said they would choose their specialty again.

Finally, 59 percent of the cardiologists surveyed were pleased with their choice of specialty.

As physicians who are looking for jobs, are you pleased with your specialty choice? Why or why not?

Given that this is the last post in our series on the 2015 Medscape Physician Compensation Report, which aspects of the survey did you find most enlightening? How does this survey, and the various surveys we cover on this blog, impact your job search?

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