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  • "We use several on-line data bases, but we rank PracticeAlert among the most useful to us. We receive a good quantity of quality leads at a very reasonable price. I would recommend PracticeAlert to anyone recruiting".

    Rebecca V.
    Modesto, CA
  • “We have tried all the databases and can honestly say that PracticeAlert delivers. We also use their tracking system (RMS) as our daily recruiting business management tool. It’s like having an additional FTE within the Department. We will re-sign our agreement this year again!”

    Kimberly A.
    Dover, DE
  • “We find great value in PracticeAlert. We have success hiring candidates from the site and are pleased with the responsiveness from their candidates”.

    B., FL
  • "In the short time that I have been using PracticeAlert, we have already connected with 4 physicians (specialists and primary care) and are lining up interviews. I am also using their applicant tracking system (RMS) and it is proving to be a very useful tool for our department".

    Denise F.
    Valdosta, GA
  • "You guys are doing great! we have signed quite a few candidates – keep sending them over!"

    W., IL
  • "Our organization is always looking for effective, new sources. We started using PracticeAlert about 4 months ago and couldn’t be any happier. It is a very easy tool to learn and is packed full of qualified candidates. Our favorite feature is the daily email alert with candidates who are interested in our geographic location. PracticeAlert makes the ‘candidate hunt’ so easy. We will continue to use this source."

    Lauren C.
    Indianapolis, IN
  • "We have recently made two hires with the help of PracticeAlert – one an Intensivist moonlighter who started earlier this month, the second a hospitalist who will start with us in August. Thanks for your help!"

    Josh M.
    Northampton, MA
  • “We have found PracticeAlert to be among the best sourcing tools available. We started using them about 5 months ago, and in that time have successfully hired 4 physicians, and extended an offer to a 5th. I use other resources as well, but find that PracticeAlert is the most useful to us. I would highly recommend their service”.

    William C.
    Middletown, NY
  • "The PracticeAlert database is easy to navigate. Their daily candidate updates save me time with clear, concise, and geographically specific information. I would recommend PracticeAlert to anyone utilizing online resources."

    David A.
    Sidney, OH
  • “We have gotten quality candidates from PracticeAlert. Daily updates are sent to the recruiters about candidates that are seeking opportunities within your particular state/city. I have even gotten some of the same candidates through other resources but have received them from PracticeAlert first! It is a very fast, easy and cost effective database to use.”

    Julie H.
    Columbus, OH
  • “After using various online recruitment tools, PracticeAlert came as a pleasant surprise. The candidate information was current, and I was able to find immediate interest for my vacancies. I have found 2 excellent Family Physicians, and still get responses from interested physicians for future opportunities. It’s good to know that there’s a database to rely on when you need to find qualified physicians and timing is critical.”

    Tammy H.
    Norman, OK
  • “PracticeAlert is quickly becoming one of my most utilized resources. This site focuses on the geographic preference of candidates. I find that I get a much higher response rate from candidates I email through PracticeAlert in comparison with ones I email from other sites”.

    Laura M.
    York, PA
  • I have used PracticeAlert for years and have found it to be a very useful sourcing tool. Their overall candidate pool is impressive and their service is a good value for the money. The staff has always been attentive to my needs, so I feel quite comfortable recommending PracticeAlert to other recruiters.

    Suzanne S.
    Penn Medicine, PA
  • "As a large health system, we use numerous web based sourcing tools. PracticeAlert is one of the best. The database is easy and efficient to use, and the candidates are great. PracticeAlert continues to be one of our most effective resources".

    Gary S.
    Brentwood, TN
  • “Our team loves the service that PracticeAlert provides. We use many of the well-known sourcing tools, and feel that PracticeAlert is one of the best for finding practicing physician who want our area, and their database is user-friendly.”

    Linda H.
    Arlington, TX
  • "We are utilizing PracticeAlert and have garnered many physicians and placements from it. We see it as a vital tool for us. Please feel free to put us on your list of satisfied customers".

    Greg F.
    Dallas, TX
  • “We chose Recruiting Management System (RMS), a division of PracticeAlert, for our Applicant Tracking. It is specifically designed for healthcare recruiting, and we find it to be an easy-to-use and cost effective. Most importantly, their customer service is outstanding. They are readily available whenever we call. I recommend RMS to anyone who is in the market…..”

    Christi M.
    Plano, TX
  • "I have nothing but good things to say about the tracking software (RMS). It is such a useful tool and I wouldn’t be as organized without it. Thank you!!!"

    Jennifer H.
    Petersburg, VA
  • “We hired a cardiologist from PracticeAlert. We are a small community hospital and have not had a full time cardiologist. Needless to say, we are very excited! I also want to say that I appreciate the service I have received from the technical support department. Keep up the great work!”

    Angela H.
    Buckhannon, WV

What is PracticeAlert?

PracticeAlert provides targeted candidate leads to in-house physician recruiters. By subscribing to PracticeAlert, our clients gain access to a database of geographically focused candidates. Every registered candidate has indicated specific geographic areas of interest. As a client, this will allow you to have the competitive edge over other healthcare organizations in your area.

Our clients receive e-mailed “alerts” every time interested candidates request their area. All of our candidates fill out a detailed personal profile including contact information, specialty, certifications, training, and most importantly their desired geographic criteria. If you are interested in recruiting them, all you have to do is log into your PracticeAlert account, select the physician you are interested in, and pursue them.

We would welcome the opportunity to show you the candidates currently registered for your area. Contact us today at (866) 772-2590, or e-mail us at

Who is PracticeAlert?

As a division of Alert Services Corporation, PracitceAlert was founded by experienced healthcare professionals who understand the challenges facing physician recruiters in today’s marketplace. They formed the company to address two of these major challenges – decreasing recruitment budgets, and the geographic hurdles of recruiting doctors.

We are NOT a recruitment firm or a job board. Although both of these resources can be effective, they often do not specifically address the needs physician recruiters are facing.

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